Meaning of Ohema Ohene

Abenaa Pokuaa, the founder and brains behind Ohema Ohene, is our focus African designer queen today. Queen and King: that’s what Ohema Ohene means in Twi. Abenaa Pokuaa took a simple relationship and translated it into a brand that represents both genders as a union and as individuals with specific tastes. The menswear line of the brand, Ohene, is subtle in its Afrocentricity.

Ohema Ohene pronouced ‘Oh-he-maa Oh-he-nee’ is a British fashion brand, specializing in African inspired fashion, created in 2008 by British born designer Abenaa Pokuaa. Founded in London, the name meaning Queen & King in the Ghanaian language of Twi was in reference of her Ghanaian heritage and plans to create a brand for both Men and Women.

Brand Inspiration

Introducing small doses of print to the boldly coloured pieces, Ohema Ohene gives the general man something casual, made of high-quality fabric, and that has also some character.Many of the rich prints are directly sourced from Ghana, using authentic traditional motifs blended with more contemporary imagery. The brand gives the wearer a sense of glamour, great quality products which are fashion forward, wearable and culturally influenced.

Her Education

After successfully completing a degree in Fashion design technology surface Textiles at London College of fashion; Abenaa then went on to work in the industry developing her technical and commercial understanding.

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  1. These African designers are all for celebrating their history while looking forward to the present. Each of their designs are unique and fresh, but ultimately all of the gowns and blazers and dining rooms channel their undeniably African roots.

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