Since we began blogging, we have never taken time to appreciate some of the talented female Kenyans who are doing amazing things on Instagram. It’s about time they get appreciated. This time round, we focus on our favorite female Kenyan instagram accounts and why you guys should follow them. We will be doing a male edition as well. So, we got four categories namely; travel, food, fashion and hair. What are your views about our selection? Comment and share below!

Food: Soni Adriance

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Talk of a girl who knows about food like you can’t believe. Soni knows how to explore new restaurants that we’ve never known existed before. A really dope thing about her Instagram page is that she captures food moments well, that it looks tantalizing making you want to head over to that restautant. Salivate on her Instagram page here.

Travel: Lyra Aoko

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This is one of the Kenyans on Instagram who tend to travel alot every year. Moreover, the amazing thing about her is how she documents her travel diary from the onset to the finish of her journey. Her pictures are super inspiring, crystal clear and definitely motivating! You just want to be with her during her escapades. Clearly a leaf to borrow from. Peep her Instagram here.

Fashion: Silvia Njoki

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Silvia Njoki’s looks are effortlessly stunning. All the pieces she wears are unique. In other words, her style leaves us speechless; she never tries too hard. Furthermore, she is a mother to a beautiful baby girl named Nielsine and she slays to the core, no wonder her Instagram following! Fashion your way to her Instagram page here.

Hair: Sheila Ndinda

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Natural hair has never been so manageable, thanks to Sheila, who’s got all the answers a naturalista needs. She achieves diverse styles on her natural hair. She makes it look so simple. The mind blowing fact about her page is that she sources all her hair products locally. With that, you already know why her comment section is always interactive.. Slay your hair just like her here.

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