In one of our previous posts, we shared with you our favorite Kenyan female Instagram accounts that we love. We promised to do a male version of the same and here it is, finally! Below are some of the Kenyan favorite male Instagram accounts that we have fallen in love with. The categories that we have featured today include: fashion, food, photography and fitness. Enjoy!

Fashion: Fred Marita

His fashion style is basically street urban but with a twist. He also does amazing reviews of events that he attends.  Additionally, he does amazing features of various bloggers all over the world. This enables his readers to connect with the different bloggers and identify with various styles that they have to offer. You can check out his amazing blog,

Food: Jayson Mbogo

His blog is everything. First, how he captures food images just makes you get hunger pangs in a second. He makes food look so good, having a variety of recipes for his readers to try out. Apart from that, he also attends food events as well as does restaurant reviews, giving options of where you can wine and dine, super cool.

Photography:  Victor Peace

Film is not an easy field to pursue and we have to appreciate the already successful and the budding photo gurus out there. His main website, features all the creative shots that he captures on a day to day basis. He is a budding photographer who really inspires and expresses his talent through pictures in the best way possible.

Fitness: Nick Olenyo

Talking of abs for days, go no further, Nick will get you hitting the gym. His blog showcases different exercises that you need to try out in order to have a great physique. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want a great body? At least for us, we do!

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