Well, 2017 has been a trendy year so far. Interesting styles have come into the market and without a doubt, they are worth giving them a try. We are glad to share with you some of our favorite and most interesting fresh trends so far this year. These are actually trends that we have personally tried and we ain’t regretting at all plus they add way more style than you can ever imagine in our wardrobe. Enjoy!


This craze began late last year and blew up in 2017. A kimono is a loose piece of clothing with wide sleeves, traditionally worn in Japan.come both, long or short and matches with anything, since it is basically a cover-up. Today, they are made in different forms –  with or without sleeves, long or short in length and either plain or printed. This garment transforms one’s outfit urbanely. It is meant for any age group and can be worn in any occasion. It is also perfect for the beach since it adds oomph to one’s swimwear.

Turtle neck

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They year has flamed with this trend too. The named transformed from ages ago, when the attire was termed “pull neck.” The new word “turtleneck” has somewhat made people view the same apparel in a different style. It is made from different fabrics such as chiffon (to make it friendly during the hot weather) and also cotton (to provide warmth in the cold atmosphere). They are either in forms of tops, sweaters or dresses.

 Skater Skirt/Dress

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This too is a new trend this year. It’s structured in many forms – either long, midi, or short in length. Accessorizing is simple. It can be worn in any event, since it is modest. It also gives the curves a break and makes one focus on the art and flow of the fabric. More attention is also engrossed on the waist and the ‘parachute’ view of the outfit.

Body Suit

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This obsession is massive this year. Ladies have embraced the body suit with open arms. It is a piece of cloth that cups the half body, exposing the curve definition. It is a multipurpose garment – for the beach, as a top garment for an outfit or even for a fancy photo shoot. Celebrities have also been rocking them during performances in concerts.

 Mermaid Skirt/Dress

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The name “mermaid” evokes from the literal aquatic feature. The mermaid movement came alive this year. In Kenya, this flair has been existing, but only with the older generation. Today, the young generation has embraced the pattern and transformed it to suit their taste. The dimensions vary according to one’s preference. Some females like them short, while others medium or lengthy in height.

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