As much as the new year has began, it’s evident that some styles over the years are still relevant in the streets as well as in different occasions. Well, these are some of the top five trends that continue to create a buzz. Which style is never ending for you? Feel free to share and comment below.


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Ladies , if you don’t own a croptop, we surely have no idea which world you are living in. Croptops have a way of caking up your figure to a whole new level and yes, you must be in good shape (hitting the gym perhaps), for you to have the confidence of revealing a part of your lower belly.

Palazzo Pants

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Comfort is the name we call these pants! For a perfect fit, make sure you wear them as highwaists so that it can define your waist with a gentle flow to the bottom. The best thing that we adore about this style of pants is that they are fit for any body type giving you all the comfort that you need. They also match with many things, a vest, croppy, bodysuit, knotted tee, literally everything.

Fur Coat

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Now, you guys know how anything with fur just takes your outfit to notches higher beyond your imagination. Apart from providing warmth for days, fur coats are still being worn on the red carpet. Clearly, this trend is not about to begin to fade away anytime soon.


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Thighland it is our go to name for this type of style. We love it due to the fact that it oozes boldness without regret. Having a high slit with a covered upper body equals a perfect combo with for an evening launch or even a night out with friends. This trend right here, as far as we know ain’t going nowhere. Speaking of which, we do have quite a number of highslits lying pretty in our closet and we are not even about to get ready to ditch them, let alone give them out. Haha!

Chunky Heels

fringe dress with block heeled sandals

Can somebody scream HAPPY FEET?! This style is and continues to be one of the never dying trends presently. You can walk, dance and run in these heels without getting tired since the stability is just priceless. At the end of the day, you don’t feel like you’re even tired. Perfect for garden weddings and uneven grounds as well as cocktail events where you tend to stand for the whole day. This is enough reason to assure you that this trend is here for more centuries to come.

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