The trend focus for today is the tassels trend. This is one trend that we have to say has evolved over the years, from  the 1980s to date. The ultimate beauty about this trend is the fact that you can wear it in any occasion, be it casual, dinner, office, swim wear, you name it. At the moment, people are being more creative by wearing tassels on the red carpet. This is definitely a style like no other, effortless, and adds a whole lot of spice to an outfit.

Additionally, the current designs being created have incorporated the tassels with the tribal print, which gives it an even more versatile look. This style initially began as a women’s style, but over time, men started to adopt the look as well. Mostly, the country artists began wearing the tassel coats as their signature look when performing. Undoubtedly, the look also wins for the men.

In this particular post, we will only showcase the women style but we will also do one for the men in the upcoming posts. Below are some of the tassel trends that we do not mind trying out at all.

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